DNS Analytics: Wrong "Queries by Data Center" data

I’ve been noticing this inconsistency in DNS Analytics for a while:

Top Data Centers for DNS Traffic

Last 6h Last 12h Last 24h Last week Last month
#1 (GRU) 3,337 6,164 8,703 7,962 7,172
#2 (GIG) 936 1,786 2,592 2,633 2,050
#3 (SCL) 515 1,082 1,695 1,590 1,431
#4 (ATL) 325 707 1,212 1,396 1,071
#5 (FOR) 254 476 704 703 556
5,367 10,215 14,906 14,284 12,280

*These statistics come from a domain under the Pro plan and refer to both map and tables.

The data for the first three ranges seem consistent, but those for the last two don’t.

There is another topic on the same issue, however it is already closed.

I’m sharing the response I got from the Support Team so that others can benefit from it as well:

After checking with the team, we have found that this is indeed somewhat working as design, but there’s some cosmetics that would required the team to address.

So to share a bit more with you,

Currently the Pro plan level is limited to 24 hours worth of data. This means that a one month lookback only returns 24 hours of data since 1 month ago.

Our team is made aware of the issue and will work on the dashboard display to avoid confusion, while customer can workaround by making calls to the DNS analytics API in 24 hour chunks to obtain more data.

— Justina, Cloudflare Support Engineer

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