DNS Analytics issue for a domain in the Pro plan

Hi guys,

I have a problem with one of the domains (under the Pro plan) that I manage.

The DNS Analytics dashboard is now displayed as for Free plan, only showing the Queries by Response Code graph. All other charts and tables have disappeared.

This started to happen a few days ago, but I preferred to wait in case it was something temporary. I checked other domains that I also manage and found that only this one is experiencing the issue.

In the Overview tab, I can confirm that the domain remains under Professional subscription.

Should I open a ticket? Thanks in advance!

Hi @dmz,

I don’t have a pro zone to test this on, but I do see the other charts on my biz domain, so they haven’t disappeared completely!

are these other domains that are displaying correctly also pro plan?


Perhaps one of the other MVPs that have pro zones can check this for their end!

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You’re not getting the following below the Response Code graph? This is my Pro Plan screen:


Hi @domjh and @sdayman,
Thanks for listening!

Yes, I checked other domains under Pro Plan as well and they had no problem.

Exactly! Maps and tables have not been displayed since ~ 2 days.

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Then it’s time to contact support:
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.


Thank you @sdayman and @domjh for your attention!


If you post the ticket # here, maybe @cloonan will keep an eye on it for you :slight_smile:

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Awesome tip, @domjh! :blush:

Ticket is #1762417. I just received a reply:

[…] We are currently researching this and will update you here when there is more information.

@cloonan, I appreciate if you can take a look, but I don’t think this is a high priority issue since - AFAIK - it’s just a problem with DNS Analytics, not DNS itself.

Thank you for your awesome support, guys!


Thanks for sharing the ticket, I appreciate it. I see it and will keep tabs on progress. And, it looks like you found a really good one, thank you! Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi @dmz,

Just a follow up on this, have you had an update from support and/or is it working now? Please let us know the outcome when you do get a response :slight_smile:

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Hi @domjh,
Sorry for taking so long to reply, the last few days have been a bit busy.

Over the weekend I realized that my case was more related to this other topic than simply the disappearance of DNS Analytics.

Apparently everything had already been resolved between Saturday and Sunday, however I only received a response from support this morning:

Our systems are in sync now and you should see in your dashboard all the Pro features enabled.

Although I did not have the opportunity to test, I have the impression that this issue was restricted to the Dashboard and did not affect previously activated Pro features. - Maybe @alexchiasennhan1 can confirm.

Again, thank you very much for all your attention! :slight_smile:


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