DNS Analytics extended to Page Speed Analytics?



I see Cloudflare has released extended DNS Analytics https://blog.cloudflare.com/dns-analytics/ nice :sunglasses:

Any plans to extend that to geographically specific page load speed analytics so we can see the performance of our site’s page load speed performance broken down by geographic data ?

I have Google Analytics custom dashboards doing it for me but Cloudflare extended page speed stats would be nice :slight_smile:

and/or extends to multi region testing i.e. https://tools.keycdn.com/performance

maxcdn also had a neat tool before they EOL’d it

side by side compare for 2 sites/domains - great for comparing before and after optimisation/cloudflare

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Those are some awesome suggestions. I don’t know what the team has planned next, but I’m definitely sending this suggestion to the product team for consideration.


Yes being a speed/performance addict, I like my metrics and stats for analysis :slight_smile:

Can even go further for historic page speed stats logging so you can visually go back to specific points in time to view page load speed within a specific region

i.e. this is for webpagetest dulles, va test on my server at linode fremont, ca

for cable 5mbps speed tests

for mobile 3G fast speed tests

Would be useful for Cloudflare users to track cloudflare’s performance per datacenter region and as Cloudflare grows its network and improves performance, end users will be able to visually see that improvement over time.


What would be the pagespeed cost if Cloudflare measures page loads? I figure that some kind of script injection is needed to send the RUM data back to Cloudflare’s servers (with also means additional HTTPs request(s)).

I’m probably as much a speed enthusiastic as you, but I’d balance this new feature against its impact on pagespeed.

How would you use that, if I may ask?

For instance, lets say that the Cloudflare pagespeed analytics tells me that the load times in Frankfurt, DE are 15% worse than the other data centers in Germany. What’s the actionable step that we can do with that information?

If I can’t do anything about it, I would rather not know that the website speed has deteriorated for that data center. :smiley:


true indeed though you could measure this on an interval basis

it’s more for per region analytics, so if your site’s singapore visitors start complaining site is loading very slowly, you could drill down into your geographic data and see and confirm this is the case

example of Philippines users suddenly having much higher page load times while the rest of the world accessed my site fine within normal range of page speed times - so i can focus just on that region specific issues. In this case my GeoDNS backed server cluster’s Singapore server would be the focus of my investigation as it’s the closest server to that region instead of other servers in my backend located in other cities around the world.

Would be useful for Cloudflare Loadbalancer with Geo Steering too so you can monitor and have access to historical data per server backend origin within each pool.

another example is from Constellix Sonar Monitoring per region

monitored by region and tracked over time

plenty of location checks for Constellix Sonar Monitoring


Thanks for clarifying. This indeed makes sense for your use case since you actually have servers in (nearly?) all important parts of the world.


yeah and allows myself and users to see how cloudflare performs for each route between cloudflare datacenter and origin server

looks like Cloudflare Smart Transit Monitoring does some of this behind the scenes already Cloudflare-Smart-Transit/1.0 User-Agent requests

Is part of a new tool/product that monitors network health (between Cloudflare PoPs, and also between Cloudflare and origins). This data is then used by to dynamically update the routes that traffic takes which provides both a smart transit capability as well as tiered caching.

so probably some of the Cloudflare to Origin metrics are already being recorded - just a matter of exposing some of it to cloudflare users for deeper analytics display :slight_smile:

Load Balancer Generating a configuration map?

Just bring this up again … having extended page speed metrics per geographic region would come in handy for troubleshooting page load speeds where geographic factors can play a part in overall performance.

I moved their thread to feedback product request forum too :slight_smile:

Currently I added some Google Data Studio page speed tracking for my top geographic regions like this - so would be nice if Cloudflare had something on their end too