DNS advice regarding domain name

My domain name was transferred and active, however my domain name was never used for a website only for emails. therefore i have no IPA. I have tried many times to get it work following various video but i constantly get error 522 time out,

If created a A record www with my suppliers/ router IP address. and a A Record for Root domain to the same address IPA but i think this is not correct. hence the errors 522
Is there a solution as i tried my previous registrar of the Domain name they are not interested.

i understand that i can just use the domain name to use on my unRaid server Yes/No

Any advise would be appreciated.

Assuming that it’s listing on port 443 for Cloudflare to be able to reach, yes.

You’d likely be better off using Cloudflare Tunnels as opposed to port forwarding.

Many Thanks for your reply . i will looking the Cloudfare tunnelling. I am trying to set up selfhost - Nginx Proxy Manager & Bitwarden.


Hi thanks for the advice on Cloudflared . I followed two video and setup my domain as Cloudflared tunnelling logs show no error and working and setup. Bitwarden in DNS as a CName linked to Cloudflared tunnel receive error 522 bad gateway as Bitwarden need Https to complete login. i was hoping that the tunnel would link directly to https.

Do you have any advice ?

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