DNS Address couldn't be found

Can’t access the website from Laptop browsers , it’s showing DNS Address can’t be found ,
but it’s accessible from VPN or mobile devices…


I have tested a minute ago and I can reach the website normally via HTTPS. Also, www to non-www redirection works fine.

I see your domain was recently registered.

If you recently added your domain name to your Cloudflare account and changed domain nameservers it might be due to the DNS cache of your local ISP provider and the needed regular time to complete the proper DNS propagation process (usually up to 24 hours).

Otherwise, might be due to your Web browser?

Nevertheless, I see a warning (issue) when checking the DNSSEC for your domain:

Kindly, re-check if DNSSEC is disabled at Cloudflare dashboard, furthermore check with your domain registrar (key-systems.net?) for any existing DS record(s) and remove them.

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I have configured the DNSSEC settings and now it’s working perfectly fine…THANK YOU for your analysis, helped a lot!!

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I can confirm, you’re all green now :white_check_mark: :wink:

It still might take some time, up to 48 hours or so to fully propagate the changes for the DNSSEC.

Website working:

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