DNS address could not be found


i have problem with my DNS, i created a account and activated my website on cloudflair, suddenly i got problem with my css codes, after i deactivated my account and deleted webiste request on cloudflair, i have still problem , how can i bring all my configuration DNS back like was the first time can you help me fix this issue ?

This site can’t be reached

truck4fest.ga’s server DNS address could not be found.
Search Google for truckfest ga

At the moment you don’t have any nameservers listed. Please visit freenom (who I assume was the registrar you used for this domain) to make sure you have the values pointed to where you with them to be.

ok thanks

I have this problem too and my site can’t be reached
this is my site
what should i do?

arian.lol is working for me, and my DNS is resolving to Cloudflare addresses.

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