DNS address could not be found - DNS Settings

Hello, I cannot redirect my domain to a different site, my Etsy shop. I set up the rules, however when I go to www.woodnpix.com it says woodnpix.com’s server DNS address could not be found. Any help would be greatly appreciate it.

It appears you may be configured in a CNAME setup, perhaps through a partner. At the moment both the bare root and www versions are loading for me. I assume you may have had a cname for www.woodnpix.com which pointed to www.woodnpix.com.cdn.Cloudflare.net. On Cloudflare you’d also create a record for www which points to the etsy location.

My domain is through GoDaddy, pointing to Cloudflare nameservers. the site im trying to show at my url alexwahlberg.c o m is showing the error “server DNS address could not be found”. In my godaddy account, iv added “nicole.ns.Cloudflare.com” and “todd.ns.Cloudflare.com”, and within Cloudflare, my A records are pointing to github’s IP addresses along with a CNAME alias for alexwahlberg.c o m. iv done this with other websites and it has worked perfectly, but this one is having issues. i dont see any typo’s. i need help! (i spaced out .c o m because i cant have over 2 urls in post)

I was able to visit it just by typing in alexwahlberg.com
And putting www in front redirected me to the same site.

The WHOIS looks correct, and I was able to get IP addresses from the ‘host’ command. DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool looks good as well.

So it’s just a propagation issue and needs more time?

thats what i was hoping for. when iv done this before, it was relatively quick. i’ll wait.
thanks for your inspection!

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