DNS Address cannot be found




I setup two domains and four CNAMES (with www and without) with cloudfare: domain.com, and domain.ca.

The two dot com domains are resolving and working, but the two .ca domains are not, and when you try and go to the site, I get a DNS address not found.

I setup all CNAMES exactly the same on cloudfare, and I updated the nameservers on CanSpace, where the domains are registered.

Does anyone have any ideas what the problem/issue could be?



Can you share the exact domain names so I can check?




I did an nslookup and it says server failed. Strange since i set it up just like the other .com domain.


The guy at wpengine did

Using the dig command.
;skatehelper.ca. IN A

;; Query time: 100 msec
;; WHEN: Fri Jul 21 19:44:23 2017
;; MSG SIZE rcvd: 32
Basically pointing nowhere


It seems, there is no A or CNAME records for skatehelper.ca or www.skatehelper.ca.
Do share DNS Manager Screenshot of skatehelper.ca for further assistance.


Please double-check your NS records at your registrar. While whois gives an answer, a dig for your nameservers is failing and that should be provided by the .ca nameservers (and be the ns values provided by Cloudflare).


https://dnschecker.org/#NS/skatehelper.ca shows some propogation, so nameserver settings (cloudflare) appear to be working. Just not sure why propogation is taking so long.



Problem with the .ca registrar perhaps? Asking for your nameservers actually happens a level before Cloudflare in the DNS hierarchy. It may be worth contacting them to determine f they are having issues.


Yes I would contact Canspace (looks like that’s who it is) because this seems odd.

Something you may also try is reverting the nameservers back to the canspace ones, and then checking propagation to see if they revert back. Once they do, change them back to the Cloudflare ones. Not really sure if it would do anything, but it’s something I would do, if only as a test.


Problem in opening my site, showing
entranceinfo.tk’s server DNS address could not be found.


It looks like you have proper name servers set up. Have you added DNS entries here at Cloudflare in the DNS tab? It does return a mail server MX record.


You may wish to contact your registrar. The value currently returned for your nameservers hints at a possible problem with your renewal status:

entranceinfo.tk. 1799 IN NS ns3.renewyourexpiereddomain.com.
entranceinfo.tk. 1799 IN NS ns4.renewyourexpiereddomain.com.


I have the same problem… with all of my sites (7). How was this resolved. None of my www (a Record) work. They stopped suddenly two days ago after working for 5 years with no problem. Other A records reapond with the right IP ( i.e ftp etc).
Trace route on WWW ends with Cloudfare IP … ?