DNS added records not propagating

I added CNAME records for MailChimp using their interface (MC) last week. Those records never propagated. I did it again this morning, even adding one manually, and they still seem to not be propagating. DNSLOOKUP on the authoritative server does not show the records. The domain is concordianc dot org. The records are in the Cloudflare dashboard, but no where else.

The selectors k2 and k3 for Mailchip DKIM records are resolving ok…

(if you are using a lookup tool, you need to look up k2._domainkey.concordianc.org, looking up concordianc.org won’t show them).

You have also created a DKIM record for concordianc.org, which isn’t necessary.

If you have other or different records to set, then you can post a screenshot of them for checking.

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