DNS Added automatically

Some DNS records added automatically and block my website. They have added automatically and the website is no longer works. I delete them and the website works, but after hours they automatically come back and the site crashes

these cdn records coming from http://pxys.ezoic.net/

Could you screenshot these DNS records? CF does a bit of DNS stuff to support things like mail servers and IPv6.

Those look like CNAMEs to support Ezoic. You more than likely added your Cloudflare API key to Ezoic for their Cloudflare integration and they added the records.

You can either go to Ezoic and delete your API key, or ask their support people why this is happening.

Hello Cloudflare team. I found an issue on my website.

this is the error details: Error details: cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 5000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received.

I’ve trying to search for the error online and I found the solution is to change some values in PHP. I’ve edited them but still the error on my website.

could you please help me to fixe the issue. Thank you

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