DNS Active/Passive failover extension

I am looking for a solution which faciltates a failover of a multi-tier application/website to another datacenter in case of problems.
I fully understand the principles of a DNS based failover.
But what really like to know is if there is more functionalitu available.

Let me explain in short:
Suppose the application - consisting of web-, application- and Oracle database servers - stops functioning. The application stack is normally active at datacenter X and has its hot standby at datacenter Y.
Some healthcheck will return an error code and the corresponding DNS A record will be automatically adjusted pointing to datacenter Y.
But this not enough in our case as we need for example to inform the Oracle database on the standby site to leave READONLY mode and to open itself up in full read/write mode.
My question: how can we trigger the environment in datacenter Y to complete these kind of necessary steps? Does Cloudflare offer some extensions on top of the default DNS failover product to accomplish this. Some kind of notification we can use to prepare the last steps in the stanby environment before actually adjusting the DNS A record?

Thanks for your time to read this,

Health Checks / Load Balancers can send notifications to a webhook with updates.




I’m not too sure on the latency of this (i.e after swapping over to the standby pool, how long it’ll take for the webhook to fire) so you’d need to test if it’s suitable for your scenario.

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Hi, thanks for your feedback.
I will read into the links you provided and eventually set up a lab.
Regards, John

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