DNS A Records

I’m new to Cloudfare having change by nameservers for my image intense wordpress local photolibrary over. I need to sftp and change/point DNS A record to the IP address provided by my host. I’m not sure where I do that on Cloudfare. Perhaps, there’s a support page link for thius. Thanks.

It is not clear to me what you want to do. What does SFTP have to do with DNS records?

I am unable to get ftp access to my wordpress installation as my host told me that I might have to change a dns a record now that I am using cloudfare nameservers. I have opened the cloudfare dns records panel but am not sure what to do. They have provided me with an IP address that is already listed…basically I don’y understand…being a bit new to this. Thanks.

If you have been using so far a record which is now proxied through Cloudflare, you wont be able to connect with that hostname anymore. Just use the IP address your host gave you instead.

Thank you Sandro. They gave the wrong IP address …all OK now.

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