DNS A Records won't update

I have added A records to my domain:

But when I check with who.is (24 hours later), i see different A records:

Having :orange: cloud for A www and A kettembeat.com DNS records would always show up the Cloudflare IP addresses when using DNS check or dig command, meaning your Web traffic is proxied via Cloudflare.

It’s all good and as it should be :slight_smile:

If you made some recent changes, try Purging / Clearing Cache at Cloudflare dashboard for your domain.

Is there any other issue?

I see it redirects from kettembeat.com to netspeed.co.il.
Is that supposed to work like that? Do you have some Page Rule for forwarding/redirection at Cloudflare dashboard, or at your origin/host?

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Hi there @fritexvz !

Thank you for your reply. I Understand.

No, it’s not suppose to work like that. netspeed is another site on the same server,
and i don’t know why it redirect’s to it. i use a wordpress multisite mapped domain on a
runcloud server.

Could be due to some misconfiguration at your host/origin? Why would your server return the content of some other Website?

That’s something with the way runcloud works… It is a website configured as the main site, and when other sites don’t reply to their domain for some reason, they serve the main site. I’m waiting for their reply.

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Did you maybe add a cloudflare IP address to the A record? If so, then that is why and you’ll need to pick another IP to save the record!

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