DNS A Records won't propagate correctly

I have recently set up a domain with Squarespace, the cname records are working correctly. But the A records don’t seem to be propagating correctly.
I want to leave them as @ but the dns keeps populating them with the domain name.

Any help greatly appreciated

They are equivalent so that won’t be the issue.

Can you post a screenshot of the record you have added and also where you are seeing it wrong?

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I’ll have to post each screen grab seperately

Cname is fine, but A record not

here’s the dns in cloudaflare

What are the nameservers listed below the DNS records in Cloudflare?

evangeline.ns.cloudflare.com and margo.ns.cloudflare.com

Is the screenshot you posted earlier all of the DNS records you have?

There are some subdomains I set up and google mx records and dkim records

Is there anything else proxied (:orange:) or anything else on the root domain like a CNAME or AAAA or more A records?

I’ve deleted all the a records - and the only cname records are in the picture-

It seems to be resolving correctly now you have done that, it might take a while before they pick the changes up.

Hi Domjh,

clearing out all the other A records seems to have done the trick. All good.
thanks for your help

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