DNS A record (without proxy) not resolved


Not sure why I can’t resolve my A main record into my static IP for acme dns challenge:

dig @earl.ns.cloudflare.com www.xdealmeida.com
gives me:

www.xdealmeida.com. 300 IN A
www.xdealmeida.com. 300 IN A

What am I missing? I created a ww1 record and it works ok


I also see this from another browser:

The IP addresses you show returned are from Cloudflare and act as if your DNS record is proxied.

Do you have any proxied AAAA records (or additoinal A records to that shown in your screenshot) for xdealmeida.com? Do you have any records for www?

You also have a CNAME wildcard (*) record which seems to have an unproxied A record, but a proxied (or at least Cloudflare IP for) AAAA record. (This will be used for www if you don’t have a specific record for it).


If any one subdomain has one proxied record, then all records for that subdomain will be treated as if proxied.

Show a screenshot of all your DNS records in Cloudflare, that will show if there are any issues I raised in most post above.

this is what I see

Delete the AAAA records.

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Thank you both of you !!!

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