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I am a web developer/designer and do not know that much about DNS.
Please excuse me if I do not have all the correct verbiage to explain this issue.
I have a client who is using the Cloudflare nameservers. Their website is hosted with HostGator. I have control over the website and the HostGator account. I am NOT the one in charge of the DNS settings. The A record is set to point to the IP address of the HostGator server. The website is showing up properly, but there is an issue with the site.
First let me say that there are a couple of A records set for their DNS. As they also have an intranet in their office.
This is a WordPress website.
— When the WordPress settings are set using http instead of https: The front end is displaying properly but the admin area is not working correctly and we are not able to update pages etc…
— When the WordPress settings are set using https (this would be the proper setting): The home page and admin area do not load properly. The page gets the generic message. Page is not loading properly. Too many redirects.

The issue is not with the website code, plugins or template. As I have spent hours making various tests. The final test was to take one of my not used domains and add it to the HostGator account. Then I have all the exact code, template, etc loaded onto the server using my unused domain name. The website works as it is supposed to if I use a different domain name.

So, I have concluded that the issue is with either the way Cloudflare and HostGator interact or with the way they have their DNS configured. Can this have something to do with the firewall on Cloudflare??

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Does the site load over HTTPS properly when you pause Cloudflare?

You want to make sure that the origin site (that’s the WordPress site on Hostgator) loads correctly over HTTPS. It will require either a valid certificate or a Cloudflare Origin CA certificate. Note that a Cloudflare Origin CA certificate will present an Unknown Issuer warning when Cloudflare is paused. It will load without warning once Cloudflare is resumed.

Once the site loads correctly over HTTPS with Cloudflare paused, make sure that your Cloudflare SSL/TLS encryption mode is set to Full (strict) and then enable the Cloudflare Proxy.

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This issue is now fixed the problem is that the TTL was set to proxied.

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Thank You! I should have posted days ago…it would have saved me many hours of trouble shooting…ugg

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