DNS A record sending to an incorrect ip address

Hello, I created a subdomain on siteground (poameeting) and redirected it to a url. I then created an A record in my DNS for Cloudflare for the subdomain to point to siteground. Now, the http://poameeting.etcgrouponline.com version of my subdomain goes to the correct location, however, the https poameeting.etcgrouponline.com goes to an incorrect location at ubifi net/???. This is the second time i have encountered this issue and siteground is telling me the issue is related to Cloudflare, but arent completely sure whats going on. Any help is appreciated

AFAIK Siteground is a Cloudflare partner, so did you sign up for Cloudflare yourself or through Siteground?

Your poameeting host properly resolves to a Cloudflare IP. Do you have any page rules in place which are responsible for the redirect? If not, the issue should be most certainly with Siteground and they seem to redirect differently based on the protocol.

Hello, I did not set this domain up with sitegrounds connection to Cloudflare, i did it using name servers. In my DNS records at Cloudflare, i have an A record pointing to sitegrounds ip address. I reached out to siteground and they sent me this link: https://www.sslshopper.com/ssl-checker.html#hostname=poameeting.etcgrouponline.com

showing me that is resolves to poameeting.etcgrouponline.com resolves to

It is a bit confusing to me, sorry for the trouble. They said it should resolve to siteground, but that may have been bad advice?

The host resolves to that address (which is a Cloudflare address) because you are using Cloudflare’s proxy service (the host is marked as :orange: and not :grey:), that means all traffic is directed through Cloudflare to whichever IP address you specified in the Cloudflare control panel (presumably the Siteground IP).

Unless you have set up a page rule, which might redirect requests already on a Cloudflare level, all requests will go to Siteground and it is there where you (or they) have to check whats going on.

Check out https://support.cloudflare.com for details on how Cloudflare works.

Okay, I understand what you are saying, but why is it that only https://poameeting.etcgrouponline.com has an issue and not http://poameeting.etcgrouponline.com? could there not be an error with how the ssl is setup? which is done through Let’s Encrypt, if it was an ip address resolving issue would both https and http be directing incorrectly?

Again, if you have a page rule set up on Cloudflare you would need to check that.

Assuming you dont you will have to look at the server to check why it returns different responses based on HTTP and HTTPS. Thats not TLS related but solely configuration or “programming” related.

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