DNS A record Question

I have a 3 server configuration for load balancing a heavy traffic site. 2 web servers that are rsynked and a database server.

My question…is there any reason to have an A record for the DB and second web server? The DB is only hit by one of the two web servers and the second web servers IP is set up in the origine pool.

If I pause CF the second web server would not get accessed anyway. So I am asking

  1. do I need the web1 IP record if that IP is already associated with the domain
  2. is the record for the DB needed as it is already set in both of the web config files.
  3. Also what about SSL conflicts in this type of setup…two of the same domains on two different servers? I am using pirate ship and the only way I can get to connect is to turn off CF…Pirate ship said it was a certificate issue.

This setup DOES work but I am trying to make sure this are as simple as possible so there is less chance for conflict

I was buy a domain and put DNS records. I was buy form namecheap but am seeing an error message https://www.bestcannabiss.com/.
How can i do to fix this?

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