DNS A record point to old record while proxy is active

the A record of example.com is pointed to x.x.x.x
but whenever we open the proxy it converts it to the old record
when I turn off the proxy it turns to the new and working IP.
I have waited a few hours but it didn’t fix, I thought it’s a DNS cache problem on Cloudflare, but it’s not.

Delete the A Record and re-try and let me know if any further issues

already tried that :frowning:

Then Pause your site on Cloudflare and try

didn’t solve, when I pause, it works well, but when I enable it, it doesn’t work

May I ask what is your domain name?

Furthermore, have you tried accesing your domain/website using a different Web browser, or a Private mode (Incognito), or even using a mobile data (4G LTE, cellular data), or at least if possible using a VPN connection?

Nevertheless, have you tried flushing the DNS at your device or restarting your router in case if the DNS propagation / change takes longer than 5 minutes (default at Cloudflare DNS records)?

Sounds like an issue if you are using a 3rd-party integrator for your domain like Saas?
Otherwise, you might be using eZoic ads on your website?

Have you checked your Developer Console (F12) in your Web browser which IP do you get for the URL you visit?

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I know it’s Cloudflare problem because the DNS converts my domain to Cloudflare then Cloudflare convert to the real IP

it’s now proxy on, It will convert to notfound file because this file is only on the new server, also opening the domain itself will show maintenance mode, while it’s working on the new server

I have tried another browser at all, also another network ( remote server )
and yes another 4g device.

I have tried to flush the cache ( everything ) but not working

am using normal wordpress website on plesk on AWS lightsail server

I just tried the link and it’s not proxied.

I’m pretty sure it’s this, but with a previous host:

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yes I have turned off the proxy because this is a production website it can’t be down a lot, but I will turn on the proxy now, and there is no SAAS at all, the old server was wpengine and the new server is AWS lightsail

I had to turn the proxy off again, but I tried to change the IP while proxy is on to not working IP like, and it still points to that old server!

you were right
it’s wpengine they are using Cloudflare saas and I was not aware of that


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