DNS A record ping


I have added my domain 1pc.gr and point it to my server

When I ping the domain I get a reply form a IP v6 IP.

The website is working fine but the webmail subdomain (which I have also added) does not.

Why I cannot get a reply from my IP when I ping the domain?


Thanks for the answer.

The problem is with the webmail subdomain. It is not working and i think it is because I get this IP when I ping. And even if I disable the proxy in the A record I stil dont get the correct IP to reply.

Is there a way to disable this feature?

Just switch the DNS record to :grey:.

That is what I mean by disabling proxy.

I do that but still I do not get the correct IP

You probably have to wait a bit for DNS propagation.

Can you post a screenshot of the current record?

I did not wait more than a minute or 2.

I will change the test again and wait for a couple of hours.

Here are the records with proxy enabled

You need to disable the proxy. Also that is a different domain.

You are correct.
5 minutes later everything is working fine.

Thanks again

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