DNS A record not being seen by azure

Afternoon all,

I’m a techy at an MSP and I’ve started learning more about the sys admin side of things. I’ve built and deployed a fair amount of physical servers, as well as countless 365 site’s but deploying, configuring and managing websites is all very new.

Spun up my first website in azure today and I’m trying to validate my custom domain name.

Everything is working as it should apart from my A record. Anytime I put “@” as the name it changes to the domain name “honeycombsocial .co.uk” (I think that’s exactly how it’s supposed to work?) but azure doesn’t see it since it’s looking for “@”.

I’ve got absolutely no idea what to do.

So validation of records by a 3rd party like Azure expec tthe ‘real’ or actual value to validate it is configured correctly. By default new records in Cloudflare are proxied :orange: which obfuscates the true origin IP (that Azure is expecting). You probably need to change it to :grey: DNS Only.

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