DNS A record not auto going to default ports when in games

I just transferred from GoDaddy earlier today. With them, I had an A record directed at an IP which let people join my minecraft server with my domain name. now it seems that you are unable to do the same with DNS settings i had on GoDaddy. I was curious on going about how to fix this issue. Is there a way that the A record can just let me use my domain name as a substitute for the IP. I was using the domain name for things like FTP, minecraft servers, and old CoD servers and i would prefer not to use SRV if the A record is able to do it all.

Thank you ahead of time.

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Is your A record set to :orange: or :grey:?

Only certain ports will work when the record is set to :orange:.

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It’s currently set the the orange cloud meaning the proxy is on I believe. If i disabled the proxy and leave it as a DNS only, will i be able to use the domain as a substitute for the ip the same way it was on GoDaddy? Previously i was able to use the domain name for everything as a substitute for the IP. Was that because there was no proxy?

Sure. That is what DNS does in a nutshell.

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