DNS A record issue

I added a “A” record for clients.dilmaxit.net points to, but after one or two days this record automatically removes from the Cloudflare DNS section, why is that? what is this issue?
how to solve this issue?


Either someone is logging into your account, or you’ve given a third party API access to modify your DNS records. You should be able to tell which it is by checking the Audit Log at the top of the Cloudflare Dashboard: dash.cloudflare.com

If you no longer want third party access through your API, you can reset the key:

No, I did give any access to third-party, I’m the person who using cloudflare.

When I check my Audit Log, this unusual record is there, please take a look the attach image,

This IP address is coming not from my country but form USA, please go to this link

What is this issue?

As I said, it’s one of the two possibilities. I suggest that you:

  1. Change your password. Adding 2FA is always a good ideas as well.
  2. Reset that API key.

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