DNS A record is not working

Sorry for the perhaps banal question, but this is the first time I’ve worked with Cloudflare.

I created a “Free” profile and registered a domain by moving the name server to CF.
Subsequently I created the A records associating them with my static IP (with proxy), but with a ping to the domain I continue to see the IP of CLOUDFLARENET networks.
Yet over 36 hours have already passed.
The answers for similar problems don’t seem appropriate to me.
Where am I wrong?
Thanks in advance.

A proxied address will always return a Cloudflare IP address when pinged or in a DNS lookup. Cloudflare will proxy the request to the origin.


The ping was for testing.
The real problem is that the server on the domain doesn’t seem reachable.

What exactly isn’t working? What error do you see?


Now is “Origin is unreachable Error code 523

These are my DNS records

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