DNS A Record information

My website URL is www.donerightdrywallrepair.com

my domain name is donerightdrywallrepair.com

I need to create a DNS A record with the following information:

1.)Cname A records(2):
Host alias: www
Destination Target: s.multiscreensite.com

2.) FIRST : Host/Alias: @

SECOND: Host/Alias @
Destination Target:

Can someone please tell me what to write in each of these categories:

Type: Type A

Thank you for any help. David

Before you continue with Cloudflare you first need to fix the SSL setup on your server as you have no proper certificate configured I am afraid. That’s something to talk to your host about.

Thank you.

1.) I originally had my web hosting with Siteground.
2.) I purchased a new website and new hosting away from Siteground in December 2021.
3.) Siteground still has my Domain name.
4.) After being up and running with the new hosting and website s.multiscreensite.com for 2 months, I temporarily closed my business in late January, 2021 and deactivated the website.
5.) the nameservers on Siteground reverted to my OLD Siteground nameservers when I shut down.
6.) I’m being told that everything is set with the s.multiscreensite.com, I just need to set up 2 Cname records and point my domain name on Siteground to them(Again).

sorry if this is crude and incorrect, I’m no techie(I’m a poet:)).

Thanks for any help, David

I am afraid the information you were given is not correct.

For starters you won’t be able to add your site to Cloudflare in the first place because it has no valid DNS setup. You need to fix that first and your new host should provide proper nameservers.

Then, you do not have a certificate with your host either and they need to fix that too.

For now I would recommend to leave Cloudflare aside and make sure your site loads fine on HTTPS with your host’s infrastructure and only once that works, you consider adding Cloudflare to it. Otherwise it will be just a mess I am afraid.

Thank you.

I am not sure if they provide nameservers though. At least going by Go Live, Publish, and Set Up Your Domain – Website Help

You might have to use your registrar’s nameservers in that case, which is also where you could follow their DNS tutorial, but that would still not fix the SSL setup and that’s something really only your new host can address.

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