DNS A record for SSL certificate not resolving

I have recently purchased an SSL certificate for use with our company firewall using LCN as the provider. The LCN settings have been configured with Cloudflare for DNS.

I have created a new A record to point to our firewall instead of using the IP address but this A record is not resolving. Changes were made a few weeks ago so I’m unsure why they aren’t working.

I have spoken to LCN support who referred me to CF as they think that CF are not redirecting queries back to LCN?
Please can someone help me out?


Which record does not resolve?


Neither record resolves. Can you post a screenshot of your DNS records on Cloudflare? Redact IP addresses if applicable.

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Thats not a Cloudflare control panel. You need to set up the records on Cloudflare.

This is the LCN website where we manage all of our domains.

It has all worked in the past from LCN which I have been using for years. This is the first problem I have had.

Is it OK to setup records on CF in addition to LCN?

Again, that domain is managed by Cloudflare, so you have to set up the records there.

OK how is this done?

support.community.com has further information, as well as #tutorials.


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