DNS A record for HOAStart

HOAStart wants @ not the domain name. I am new at this and I can’t find anything that helps me keep the Name to @. When I save it with @ it changes the Name to the domain name. HOAStart tells me this won’t work with their service.

HOAStart cannot be communicating their expectations clearly, because there is no such thing as @, at least not in any way that one can query externally. It is a special character in a DNS zone file that references another value, mostly commonly the apex name, e.g. example.com. That is why you see it replaced with your domain when you save the entry.

Thank you for your help. I have copied your response and summited it to HOAStart to see if they can work this out on their end.

I assume you are trying to use your own domain with a site on their platform. They shold be providing you with an IP to enter in an A record for your apex name, example.com. Their instructions further indicate that you may need to create a CNAME for www. If testing that CNAME is part of their verification process, it will fail if the CNAME is set to :orange: proxied. Proxied CNAMEs publish synthetic A and AAAA records of the Cloudflare proxy. When you need a CNAME to return CNAME, set it to :grey: DNS Only.

The proxy status may also be the problem you are encountering with your A record. If HOAStart is looking for their IP in the response and your A record is :orange: proxied, they will not see the value they expect. Cloudflare proxy IPs will be returned rather than the IP they assigned. You might want to try setting it to :grey: DNS Only.

I have both set to proxied. I will ask them if they want me to set it to DNS only. Thanks again for your help.

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Website is up and running :-). I set the both A record and CNAME to DNS Only.
Thanks again for you help.

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