DNS "A" record for a sub-subdomain doesn't seem to work

Hi there

I have a site with a subdomain of called “test”, i.e. test.mywebsite.com - and that all works fine using an “A” record in CF (free) for “test”.

I also have subdomain of that site called “staging”, i.e. staging.test.mywebsite.com

Now, my understanding is that adding an “A” record of “staging.test” should be fine, but adding that doesn’t seem to work when either trying to visit that site, or looking at whatsmydns for confirmation.

Both sites were SSL enabled, and I did (via google) see something about SSL via Cloudflare (free) wasn’t supported, so I also tried using just HTTP - same result.

The host I use (Gridpane) assures me it should be fine and to raise it with you good people. So, does anyone have any idea what I may be missing please?


The short answer is that this should work fine, except that Cloudflare’s free certificate will not validate, so encrypted connections will fail. This may not sound like a big deal, but if you use HSTS then you may have told your browser to only connect securely.

What exactly doesn’t work? What error messages? Or can you post the actual hostname?

Hey - thanks for the reply.

In the interim I created a brand new one ensuring SSL was really off - and that works for subdom and sub-subdom. So it looks like the SSL on my original is still active (even though I disabled it). So that’s a separate conversation I need to have with my host!

But all good now (if I ensure SSL is not enabled at the outset) - to be honest this experiment is very much an edge case so is unlikely to re-crop up.

Nonetheless thanks for taking the time :smile:

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