DNS A record Change

I am trying to change the A record in DNS zone of CF, however after adding the new Pub IP, the website name is not redirected to new Host.

How much time it takes or is it even feasible to change the A record in CF DNS that we see on the Portal.

Any help or inputs would be appreciated.

A change to a DNS record on Cloudflare will typically take under 30 seconds. If the record is :orange: the public IP will not change while Cloudflare will direct to the updated value.

Do i need to go to :grey: to change the record?

I have to test the Secondary Pub IP that i have, so i am get sure that it works.

You could look at the logs on the new server. I guess you could change to :grey: but seems unnecessary as the :orange: behavior/logic is pretty integral to the service overall.

My problem is , what if the A host died, and i have another A host server and i want to change the record.

I have changed the IP of A record, but it did not work, however when i revert back to the old IP

I observed 30 seconds Time, as per your statement.

I hope i am clear about the problem i am facing.

What didn’t work? Did you get an error?

For now, i have changed the IP Address of A record to IP2 , and made :grey:
Now the site started working

But as soon as i go to :orange: it stopped in my previous tests ,
however on a test few mins ago, it is working :+1:

I am going to test it on a website with SSL , then will get back with the feedback.

Now the question is that on manual change of DNS i need to go to :grey: , how will load balancer automatically switch my secondary IP in case primary fails.

@cscharff Nop, not working

the Website IP is changed to CF after i :grey: to :orange: but Website is throwing an error.
PRB the error

It appears either the IP is incorrect that is/was entered in DNS for the new server or it is not listening on the appropriate port (80 or 443 depending on your SSL configuration).

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