DNS A record and www record deleted

Hi Team,

My wordpress site was not working so for troubleshoot purpose I deleted DNS A record and www record.

How can it added automatically or should I need to add manually?
If manually then to which ip I should add this…
My domain is saijewelonline.com.
Please reply ASAP.


Hi @puneetabu,

If you deleted them, you can’t automatically re-add them. If you look in your Audit Log, you should be able to see the IP that it pointed to before. I will post some more details shortly if you can’t find it.

Hi domjh

yeah i got audit log and i found ip address.Thank you

Actually I am setting ssl for my website.Do you have any idea what all settings should be in SSL/TLS app for universal SSL which comes free.

Thought I saw a reply from you… but then it disappeared!

Just posted this if you need more details:

How much time will it take to effect?

Shouldn’t take too long - may be cached at your end, the site opens fine for me.

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