Dns a et aaaa records not saved

Hi there,

Please, impossible to set dns new records , a and aaaa here for a cname process , i ve found this topic but doesn’t help at all time being

Thanks for your feed back

Please post a picture of the problem.

Hi sdayman, thanks for your reply, here below, i repeat what i did yesterday, so today server is working again, but the records i set yesterday vanished , pretty sure that tomorow i ll have to repeat the same :frowning:

All the records vanished? Are you using Ezoic?

All those ones i add on the screenshot from yesterday, yes.

Yes i use Ezoic

They’re notorious for screwing up DNS. You’ll have to resolve this issue with them.


ok sdayman so to test, i can pause ezoic from running and see what happen , isn’t ?

here the response from ezoic support :slight_smile:

When integrated with Ezoic via the Cloudflare method, Ezoic is acting as the main proxy for your site rather than Cloudflare. This means that any DNS updates required to match the records found at the host need to be made within the Ezoic Dashboard first (Ezoic Dashboard > Settings > DNS Records). These changes will then automatically propagate into Cloudflare.

Note: This will not work the other way around as any changes made at Cloudflare would just be overwritten by Ezoic.

Hope this help

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