DNS not working

I performed a debug test through and found that only DNS is working; also when typing in browser address bar I get access denied message.
Notes: DNS only works when bound with WARP; I contacted my ISP and they told me that there is no impediment for them to access; I checked the route and everything is ok.


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169.254.2.x is a private IP address space I believe. If you compare that route to the route for I think you will see very different results.

If it isn’t an ISP issue it looks like it could be an issue of your local network instead.

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Indeed. It’s within the IPv4 link local allocation. RFC 6890 - Special-Purpose IP Address Registries

It really was different. But how could I fix this problem if it’s on a local network?

Could it be a problem related to the configuration of the router or modem?

It is possible that your ISP is misusing the address on their network. It wouldn’t be the first time such a thing has been observed.

In my case the router was configured by myself and the modem was configured by them. That’s why I wanted to know if it would be a problem of the ISP itself or a misconfiguration on my part.

It could be problem in CPE firmware. There was such a case on the AT&T network.

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The modem was left in bridge mode by the carrier and the router I can try to update the firmware.
Sorry! I’m still learning some networking concepts and I see that there’s a lot to learn in this field.

I found that Cloudflare DNS is not working on any of my devices connected to my home network.
I was guided to contact the ISP in the previous topic, but they said there is no impediment regarding DNS



  1. When typing in my browser’s address bar, it gives me access denied;
  2. Only DNS works normally;
  3. DNS only works with WARP;
  4. Running the command tracert and tracert I got:

If anyone can help me out by telling me possible causes of the problem or excluding non-pertinent causes. Thank you very much for any information, as it may lead me to the solution.

It’s still either your ISP or your modem blocking access to As after it should reach the internet, but it does not. I’d say contact your ISP again and ask for the technical support that can understand these traceroutes.

Which modem do you have BTW?

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