DNN4less to Cloudflare platform

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I cant seem to view the results right now because the site is paused

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I’m trying to bring our website over from DNN4less to the Cloudflare Website. I did explain to the sales representative that Networking and DNS settings were not my strong point. they ensured me that the site deployment was easy as One Two Three.

I managed to take our site down and Lock myself out of our Cpanel and the Wordpress Dashboard. We’ve managed to restore everything. and now I’m essentially starting over, This time being a lot more cautious.

https://newskinlaserstudio.com/ is our URL. I’m a little worried if using Simply Static is that best way? Will seamlessly export our site from DNN4less and deploy it seamlessly as a Wordpress site on the Cloudflare platform. Or Should I rephrase my question to what is the best way to deploy the backup i have of the New Skin site on the Cloudflare Platform?

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  1. We’ve singned and asked questions in the Cloudflare Community. This is where solution of pausing our URL on Cloudflare came from.
    2.We had to contact our hosting provider to fix some issues on their end
    3.Multiple searches and looking for solutions in the CF Tutorials
  2. Now reaching out to you to see if we can get a little more pointed help

Was the site working with SSL prior to adding it to Cloudflare?
Yes the site was working with SSL

What are the steps to reproduce the error:

  1. N/A

Have you tried from another browser and/or incognito mode?

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

Cloudflare is not a general purpose hosting provider.

If you can afford to have the site offline or in various states of functionality, and this is something that you really want to learn how to do, it is not my intention to discourage that.

However, if this website is important to your business, I do not recommend that you attempt deploying it as a WordPress site converted to a static site to host on Cloudflare pages. You have a near certain chance that things will not work as you expect them to. Such a complex endeavor should only be undertaken by an experienced professional if the site is important to your business.

If your site is important to your business, and web development and infrastructure management are not among your core competencies, you will likely come benefit greatly by collaborating with a trusted partner.


Perfect! Can we get my pro account fees refunded?

Probably not, as the terms do clearly indicate that subscriptions are not refundable. However that is not a question that I or any Community members can aswer with certainty.

Questions about billing will need to be resolved by the Customer Support team and cannot be resolved on the Community.

To contact the billing team, please submit a new support request from your Cloudflare account directly through the Cloudflare dashboard. Visit https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/support and choose Billing. Please share your ticket number here so that we can track it.


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