DNAME Records on Cloudflare


it’s possible create an alias on cloudflare (DNAME) for an entire subtree of the domain name tree?


We don’t currently support DNAME. Something we have discussed, but I don’t believe is on the current short term roadmap.


That could be helpful though… Is there a reason or it’s just not important/requested enough?


I can’t speak for the DNS team specifically, but I think it is partly frequency of requests and partly the complexity required to solve/ implement.

There’s a more general problem with DNS RFCs at the moment and a great read on it here:

I admit I hadn’t even heard of DNAME records until this request and after I read through the RFC at least personally I wasn’t convinced this was a particularly pressing problem to be solved or a problem that couldn’t be solved in other ways already.

The product team is aware of it though and they probably have a totally different opinion than mine. Their recent roadmap has been focused on delivering some other high priority improvements, I imagine they are starting to think through their next set of priorities, so I’m sure DNAME will be one of the topics under discussion.





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