DNA Record Entry Questions

I have several questions about Cloudflare DNS Records… no problems, just need some clarification

Thes are my current entries:

Type Name Value Status

A autodiscover points to site IP [orange]
A example.com points to site IP [orange]
A ftp points to FTP IP [ gray ]
A mail points to site IP [ gray ]
A webdisk points to site IP [orange]
A webmail points to site IP [orange]
A whm points to site IP [orange]
CNAME www alias of site IP [orange]
MX example.com mail handled by example.com
MX mail mail handled by mail.example.com

Question 1:
Are the autodiscover, webdisk, webmail, and/or whm entries required here?

Question 2:
The two MX types above have warnings about exposing my origin server’s IP address. I have seen it recommended that the ‘A mail’ entry should have a gray cloud.

If I set the ‘A mail’ entry to gray, then it gets the warning and the ‘mail MX’ warning disappears. The ‘MX example.com’ remains unchanged. Is that normal?

Question 3:
On my host CPanel, mail.example.com is CNAME type pointing to the site IP, so do I even need to specify ‘A mail’ and ‘MX mail’ in Cloudflare?

Question 4:
Should I enter values as IP addresses or as hostnames (xx.xx.xx.xx or example.com, ftp.example.com, etc.?

  1. autodiscover is used by mail clients to get email settings. I don’t know of any applications that use webdisk, webmail and whm so they are not required.
  2. Your MX records confuse me. I don’t know why you have two there. Unless they have different priorities.
  3. I am guessing that the A record is for browsing to view the webmail client.
  4. It depends on what records you have. A records should always be IPs, CNAMEs should be hostnames.

Thanks for the quick reply. The two MX record confused me also, hence the last two questions. They do have different priorities. I think the last one was entered originally from a previous hosting provider and then updated. I’ll try removing the A mail record and the MX mail record and see if email still works ok.

Your answer to question 4 makes sense, thinking about it now.

I guess I’ll also try deleting the webdisk, webmail, and whm records and see what happens.

Thanks again

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