DMARC wizard not working

Hi, I am attempting to use the DMARC wizard, however, when I click it, nothing happens. I have tried this on Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. I can see the web address change, however, it doesn’t go to the next page or pull up another page. Also, I made sure my pop up blocker is not on.


Glad I’m not the only one running into this. I thought I was doing something wrong.

(Well, there’s still a chance of that.)

I’m not able to reproduce the error. Would you share the error screenshot?

There is no error to screenshot. Simply nothing happens when clicking the DMARC wizard link.

Video demo

I see that non-responsive link. You may alternatively achieve the same by DNS-> Settings-> Email Security. One of the dedicated community members will take note of this issue.

Hi, just chiming in to say that for us, the link is broken. Clicking on “Use wizard to add DMARC policy” does nothing, other than append wizard/dmarc to the URL I’m on.

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