DMARC TXT record not updated/published

The DMARC record is not published yet.

DMARC TXT record at cloudflare but not reflecting on Office365 end…

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What is the domain name?

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Have checked the Office365 is reflecting all the records except DMARC.


v=DMARC1; p=quarantine; adkim=r; aspf=r;

I’m not seeing it either.

Can you share a screenshot of the record in your Cloudflare dashboard DNS app?

Yep I’m also trying to trace without success. Network Tools: DNS,IP,Email (

The Cloudflare nameservers in your screenshot are jill and max, but your domain is set to use barbara and stan so likely you have added your domain to another account before which is the one currently active for your domain and is why your DNS changes aren’t doing anything.

You either need to log in to that account to make your DNS changes, or change the nameservers at your registrar to jill and max so the account you are currently logged in to is used instead (although that one doesn’t have any records for your website in so you need to add those as well).

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Can cloudflare help to change to barbara & stan because this account access is provided by our hosting provider.

We cannot use jill and max because the other websites and ZohoCRM is pointed to barbara and stan

Thank you. We fixed is finally. Much appreciated to everyone here.

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