DMARC Settings in DNS Records

I want to change DMARC recording settings with comprimising the securing of my domain for phishing or any other hacking attack. Basically I want to change policy of DMARC records form reject to none without affecting security of domain. Kindly let me know optimised or possible variations of DMARC records.

Do I understand that correctly? You want to compromise the security of your domain to make phishing and other hacking attacks more likely?

If so, you can do that here: (select your domain)

Could you maybe explain what you are trying to achieve? Because i’m pretty sure I misunderstood you.

It just would become something like this:

v=DMARC1; p=none; rua=mailto:[email protected]

rua tag is optional. You should have no down-time changing this option.

I am currently using a CRM called Go High Level. However, this CRM does not allow me to place a DMARC record with “p=restrict”. Currently, I am using “p=none”, and with this setting, I can send out emails successfully from the CRM. However, when I try to use “p=restrict”, I am unable to do so. I want to apply a setting in the DNS records so that my domain remains secure, but I can still send out emails through the CRM. I don’t want to compromise the security of my domain by applying the “p=none” setting in DNS records. Can you guide me with optimized settings to cater to both functionalities, or is there any alternative to achieve this?

There’s quarantine, reject and none; Where did you find restrict?

by restrict I mean reject

Can you suggest me what I am doing wrong here?

p= tells a mail server what to do with mail from your domain if the SPF or DKIM records don’t say the mail is valid. With reject mail will be rejected so you will need to check your SPF record covers all sources of email from your domain and your DKIM record, if you have one, is valid.

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