DMARC Settings in Cloudflare

I ran our domain through one of the responses I received was “Based on your DMARC policy, receivers are currently not able to block fraudulent emails that mimic your domain.” How can I find out what changes to make in our cloudflare DNS setting to take care of this?

I also received this message.

DMARC record policy details and comments:

DMARC record has no “ruf” tag so failure reporting options (“fo” tag) are ignored.

You have a valid DMARC record that provides visibility into the entirety of your email program(s) and helps ensure you meet email sending best practices as well as select Yahoo and Google’s new sending requirements. Your domain however is not fully protected against abuse.

This post is not showing up on the home screen and I am not sure why.

You didn’t give the actual policy you currently have or the domain name so we can look it up – so can’t tell you what to change.

You can find a quick primer on DMARC policy syntax here:

If you don’t currently have a DMARC reporting provider, you may use DMARC Management for this:

If you need further help, please provide your domain name.

Good luck!


Thanks for the reply.

Our domain name is

That domain is unregistered.

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If your domain name is, you may want to update your DMARC to the following. It loses the bits in the middle that appear to be misplaced SPF mechanisms. It also loses the ruf related components as forensic reports are not typically sent due to the privacy issues involved.

v=DMARC1; p=none; rua=mailto:[email protected];

Once you know that all of your sent email is complaint, you can update the policy from none to quarantine.

v=DMARC1; p=quarantine; rua=mailto:[email protected];


Thank you! I will make those updates!

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IThanks. am not sure what you mean by unregistered?

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You spelled your domain name wrong when you shared it and the misspelling does not match any existing domain name.

Note the difference between what you wrote and what I wrote.

I just happen to be a lousy typist which has enhanced my guesswork with deciphering typos. :grin:


Thanks. Yes you are correct, it is Thanks for the reply!

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We also have this error.

I tried to copy and paste and got the error message that new users can only post 4 links so I am attaching a screenshot.

Any thoughts on what I need to edit for that? Thanks!!

Did you click the SPF Surveyor link? That should really tell you what needs to be done.

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Can we have another space there?


Once you fix the syntax error of the missing space in your SPF, you will need to see if you have any unnecessary content you can remove from it, as it will exceed the 10 query maximum in its current form.


Thank you!


You may find this free tool helpful.


Thanks, I will check them out!

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