DMARC rua & Constant Contact questions

I have added the DMARC Record and set it to restricted.
The rua should be something like: mailto:[email protected] or a custom email address?

I’m trying to connect with Constant Contact and even though I have added their CNAME (s) it still says that there are not been found.
Any advice?

Be sure to use the rua assigned by your DMARC reporting service or you wont receive any report data in your DMARC dashboard.

The most common issue when using CNAMEs is forgetting to change them to :grey: DNS Only when the use case requires it. Ensure that all CNAME records requested by Constant Contact are set to :grey: DNS Only.

Thank you very much for your prompt reply!
Where can I find that rua? Do I need to use a third-party service?

Very good point about the DNS Only. I already did that but no change.
What I noticed is that Constant Contact gives a Record Name that has my domain at the end.
However, after I paste and save it, Cloudflare cuts the domain part. and leaves only: ctct1._domainkey .
Maybe this is the issue? Is there a way to solve it?

It is provided by your DMARC reporting service.

No. If you are already using Cloudflare DMARC Management, that should have assigned you an rua.

If the validation service caches results, you may need to wait for them to send a new query. Leave the records set to :grey: and they should eventually be detected, if they have been created correctly.

It is not. That is expected behavior. Every name in your Cloudflare DNS management exists under your domain. To display it on every entry wastes screen space and does not convey any useful information, thus it is truncated for more efficient display.

You can test for the presence of required DNS records using your favorite tools available in your operating system. You can also use web based tools like this one hosted by Google:

Dig (DNS lookup)

Thank you for your valuable help,
Much appreciated!

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