DMARC Report does not include rejected email sources?

I’m seeing DMARC failures on my report, but I can’t find what email sources were causing those failures. Need that information in case I have mailers that are not correctly configured for DKIM or SPF This is a beta, so I am reporting the problem. (I did look deeply, but maybe there is something I should have done to find it. If so, the interface does not seem to make that clear.)

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If you click on View reports and then look for reports that show a DMARC pass percentage lower than 100%, you can find the email source. Cloudflare seems to do a whois search on the IP and display the organization, but clicking on it will show you the source IP of the sender.

Note however that there seems to be an off-by-one bug that means that you might have to click on the report above the one you actually want to see.