DMARC Report Console

It is really nice to get a free DMARC report aggregator via Cloudflare. I was previously receiving the DMARC reports to a dedicated mailbox and uploading them to the DMARC XML to Human Converter. It was very clunky, however it does seem to be the gold standard for DMARC reports.

For the Cloudflare report to be more useful it needs a few more options.

We need to be able to filter on the source of the DMARC report. For example I need to see just what Google is reporting back to me. Currently it is only sorted by the source of the email.

The console is not making a distinction between emails originating from an allowed sender and forwarded email. Without this the report is not useful at all as some forwarders will destroy the DKIM data, which we have zero control over.

I am really excited to have this kind of functionally in Cloudflare and hope the the product can be improved over time.