DMARC Record Not Working (MXToolbox)

Hi there,

I am using MXToolbox to create a DMARC record (& reporting) for my site. I have followed their instructions to add a CNAME record as follows:

Host/Name: _DMARC

I did this about 8 hours ago and it’s still not showing the existence of a DMARC record. Everything I’ve read online indicates that DMARC records are TXT records. However, MXToolbox specifically indicates CNAME.

If anyone could help me out, I would greatly appreciate it.


Make sure the CNAME is set to :grey: DNS Only. If it’s :orange: Proxied, it will appear as an “A” record. If you need more assistance, please post your domain name.

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Amazing! Such a simple fix for those who know what they are doing. Thank you!!!

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