DMARC record help


Where do you ad a DMARC record?

I have an error and need to add a TXT entry to help get my emails working properly.

Thanks in advance

Hi there,
here is how you add dns records
here is how the dmarc record is structured

be aware that if you set up dmarc, it’s recommended that you also set up DKIM and SPF

Are u using Cloudflare email routing or a email server?

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It is not just a recommendation. SPF and DKIM are prerequisites to deploying a functional DMARC policy. It is also important to have a DMARC implementation plan. It is not the sort of thing where one can simply add a TXT record and have the ability send DMARC compliant email.

While the records involved will need to be published in your DNS, determining what those records need to be falls outside the scope of Cloudflare’s offerings. If you need to have an involved conversation on the topic of DMARC monitoring and the related components, I recommend the dmarcian forum.


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