DMARC record for my sites

Hi all.
I am getting a site health warning on my sites with cloudflare.
Action Recommended : It doesn’t look like DMARC has been set up on your domain (
Also with
I always like my site health to be 100%
Is there an easy way to set this up in the DNS section of Cloudflare and if so will the process be the same for the other site as well.
Thank you Victor


Hi Judge. thanks for the speedy reply.
Is the record wizard wizard you recommend a free service? I don’t have that many domains.
It also looks a bit complicated for me but I will learn more about it and try so set it up.
If I do set a DMARK record do I then add this as a record in the DNS settings of the website in Cloudflare?
again thanks for your fast reply

The wizard itself is free, and it simply gives you a TXT record to enter into your DNS.

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