Dmarc policy

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A video explaining that I had the wrong dmarc setting so I changed it to the p=none policy

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I use GHL for my agency and keep getting the p=reject code for my dmarc setting. I changed it to the p=none policy in my DNS setting about 5 days ago and kept getting the same error code.

What error message or number are you receiving?
p=reject DMARC policy

What steps have you taken to resolve the issue?

  1. Changed dmarc DNS settings to p=none
  2. Waited 3 days for it to propagate
  3. I Tried sending emails again with no luck

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It wouldn’t let me Upload an Image but this is what the whole error code said:
The domain in your from address has a p=reject DMARC policy. Without a dedicated sending domain configured, most inbox providers will reject your messages, resulting in elevated bounces. To avoid elevated bounces, use company emails.

I’m not quite familiar with GHL. For me EasyDMARC works well. Else, you may look for DMARCIAN

You may have this tag. However, you are missing the rua & ruf tag.

Update: There’s no SPF record.