DMARC not working

my website:
I’m getting some error in my server, I tested my website in, says DMARC not found, also I scan my website I got many X croosing, could you check for me please and advice what to do?
See files attached:

Does your DNS page here have a TXT entry for _dmarc?

Those X listings are good. Those are services you don’t need turned on for visitors.

I don’t know I should ask for the host.?

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As it looks like you’re not using Cloudflare, I don’t have instructions for other hosts.

Yes I’m using cloudfare I got free one before paid but the server always down

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WHOIS says you’re using Siteground’s DNS servers, so you’ll have to ask Siteground how to add the TXT entry I mentioned above.

I think they changed because I had a lot problem before was cloudfare

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