DMARC not receiving emails

Hello there, I’ve set DMARC record as follows:
v=DMARC1; p=none; rua=mailto:[email protected],mailto:[email protected]; ruf=mailto:[email protected];
The Cloudflare’s DMARC report si currently showing data, but I’m not receiving any emails at the addresses I’ve specified in the record. Any suggestiions?

  1. Is that DMARC record set on the same domain, e.g. the _dmarc record of, or are you playing around with multiple different domain names, such as e.g. develer.example?

  2. How long is it since you’ve added that dmarc@ address to your DMARC record?

The vast majority of DMARC reporters are only sending out once per day / every 24 hours.

And in order to receive something at all, you (or someone trying to spoof your domain name) must have sent something to the destinations that are producing DMARC reports, for anything to come in.

If neither you, nor any other (potentially illegitimate) actor has tried to send something claiming to be from your domain name, you won’t ever receive any DMARC reports.

If you have had the Cloudflare DMARC in your record for weeks, but have just set up your dmarc@ address, for example within the past few hours or so, that would likely be why.

I can also see that your domain’s MX record(s) are pointing towards Google.

Google (and most of the other bigger mailbox providers) are well-known to be rejecting as well as rate limiting such kind of “automated traffic”, including DMARC reports.

I even believe I’ve seen a Google employee suggest that you only steer such things directly towards a service dedicated for the purpose (such as e.g. Cloudflare DMARC that you currently have set up), as Google / Gmail is not meant for that kind of traffic.

So if you actually require your own copy of them, my personal advice would be to set up something of your own, to handle the inbound traffic.

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Hi, @DarkDeviL you’re right, and thank you for all the info. In my case, it was my fault: I didn’t know that I was using a company Gmail address that didn’t accept external posts.
Presently, everything is working fine.

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