DMARC, MX and SOA errors since pointing DNS on cloudflare :(

Since I have pointed my DNS on Cloudflare, my DMARC, MX and SOA fields are showing errors !!
How may I correct those ?
Thank you.

Do you have a DMARC record set up?

It’s not necessary but it’s a plus in how the recipents server should handle (spoofed) mails from your domain. Basically. DMARC is ignored by a lot of mail servers unfortunately. :frowning:

This “error” is not an issue at all.

This site seems to be very stupidly designed, so I would probably suggest using something developed with an understanding of how DNS works.

The MX record? Your MX record is fine, and DMARC records are not MX records so this line is meaningless. You don’t have a DMARC record, which is not an error (red X), but maybe a warning as something you could think about creating.

The SOA is valid, your SOA is 2029009345 and as their own site notes “The serial number is an unsigned 32 bit value assigned to your SOA record must be between 1 and 4294967295”. Yours is in that range and is therefore valid. While “it has become common” to use one specific format, there is nothing wrong with using another format, so once again their site is misinforming you. can’t have a PTR record, so this warning is equally stupid. resolves to and this IP is missing a PTR, but this is not necessarily a problem for a receiving server. However, it is definitely a problem if your outbound MTA does not have a PTR record (and whether this is your configuration or not is beyond this site’s ability to know).

Finally the warning of ~15 seconds of transaction time is perfectly valid, the SMTP RFC5321 allows 300 seconds, so you are responding within the first 5% of time which is allowed. More importantly, this is called greet pause and is a very effective anti-spam technique, so once again the site is giving you misleading information.


Thank you very much for your answers.

The problem is I have sent about 1000 emails from this brand new domain name, but at least 10% have been rejected as SPAM.

The domain hadn’t been used until this first sending yesterday, so I was suspecting a problem with the DNS configuration… Do you know any appropriate DNS lookup test that can help me identifying the trouble ?

Also, yes, I have a DMARC setup on the domain, which has correctly been copied on Cloudflare when setting up the DNS.

Thank you very much !

Finally it seems I do NOT have any DMARC setup…
Is there any documentation from Cloudflare on how to setup a DMARC record ?
Thank you.

Even with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC set up (which aren’t even required for email deliverability), any domain suddenly sending large amounts of email will have a very low email trust record. Depending on the content of your emails, how often you send them, whether or not your users click things in the email, if they’re moved to spam/junk, etc. it can take months or years to build up your domain’s trust level if you want 100% email deliverability.

However, I do recommend setting SPK/DKIM up (if you haven’t already) so that the mail providers can ensure that email sent as your domain actually came from your domain. DMARC isn’t necessary and just instructs providers what to do with failing mail.

DMARC records are provider-independent, so all you need to do is use a DMARC record wizard (like this one) which will give you a regular TXT record that you can put into your DNS tab.

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Thank you very much with this complete answer.

Among the 1000 emails, about 25% were opened, and about 6% clicked. I don’t know how much have been marked as SPAM but suspect almost all not opened… which would make 75% !

The domain is used only for newsletter right now ; do you think using it for common emails could improve deliverability ?

Also, could the domain global reputation (backlinks, SEO, keywords) improve the deliverability ?

Thank you very much.

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