DMARC management

Not sure how to interpret this

Is this someone sending through one of the many Google servers or is this Google itself sending? If it’s an email directly from Google, why would spf fail?

Message forwarding (including mailing lists) would be able to cause something like this.

If you have been sending a message to a mailing list on Google Groups, called “groupname”, Google Groups typically rewrite the envelope from to become something like “[email protected]”, before passing the message on to me.

Since the envelope from, that is being SPF checked (likely with the result of SPF pass) is no longer identical to your domain (e.g., the alignment will therefore fail.

Certain forwarders (including Cloudflare Email Routing) will do similar kind of envelope from rewriting.

Having a SPF pass is not the same as having a SPF pass with alignment towards the original (header From:) domain, and DMARC actually requires the latter to have a pass within the SPF aligned field.

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